iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max Features and More

iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max Features and More


iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max are Apple’s innovative high-end prize smartphones, sold in conjunction with the lower-cost iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. The iPhone 14 Pro models have many more features than the iPhone 14 models and offer improvements in camera technology, better viewing capabilities, a faster A16 chip and more.

The 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro models resemble the iPhone 13 Pro models with flat edges, stainless steel case, a textured matte glass back, IP68 waterproof, and a ceramic shield-protected screen. Still, the bumps in the camera are more significant to accommodate new lenses, and the display has also changed.

The TrueDepth camera system no longer has a level. Apple adopts what it calls Dynamic Island, a pill-shaped cutout at the front of the screen that houses the camera equipment and can be shaped and sized using software depending on the net.

New Features of the iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max

New Features of the iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max

The iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max feature a new Super Retina XDR. Display with updated ProMotion technology allows an Always-On display, the first for an iPhone. The Always-On display is made possible by a new refresh rate of 1Hz to 120Hz, along with improved energy efficiency technologies. When the Always-On display is active, weather, widgets and live activities remain available at a glance at all times, and the wallpaper remains greyed out.

The iPhone 14 Pro’s Super Retina XDR adds to always-on technology. The display offers a higher maximum HDR. The brightness of up to 2000 nits equates it with the Pro Display XDR. Display. It provides the full exterior intelligence in a smartphone and is twice as bright as the iPhone 13 Pro when in sunny conditions.

There is an updated A16 chip in the iPhone 14 Pro models, and this is the first time Apple has used different types chips for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. The A16 is the initial chip made on the new 4-nanometer process, bringing speed and efficiency improvements.

The A16 has a faster 6-core CPU, an accelerated 5-core GPU with 50 per cent more memory bandwidth. And an upgraded 16-core neural engine that performs 17 trillion operations per second.

About Battery

Battery life has been better with the Apple and lasts an hour longer than the Apple 13 Pro models. The Apple 14 Pro lasts up to 23 hours when watching videos, and the Max lasts up to 29 hours when watching videos.

The iPhone 14 Pro models are available in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB storage capacities. MagSafe charging up to 15W remains compatible, and fast charging over Lightning is available with a charger of 20W or higher.

Both also support WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3. The iPhone 14 Pro models come in dark purple, silver, gold and space black.

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Design Sizes and Colores of iPhone 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max

Design – iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max

Like Apple 13 Pro models, Both models use the same flat-side design with square edges, making the Apple 14 the same again.

Regarding the chassis, the Both are almost identical to the iPhone 13 Pro models with an all-glass front and textured matte glass back that sandwich a frame made of surgical-grade stainless steel. The colour of the stainless steel frame matches the colour of the glass on the back for an aerodynamic appearance.

Apple removed the notch for Apple 14 Pro models instead of introducing what it calls the “Dynamic Island”, which we will explain in more detail below. As for the design, Dynamic Island consists of a pill-shaped cutout and a circular cutout. Both housing the TrueDepth camera system. Apple mixes the pill-shaped and circular cutout into a giant pill, which is 30 per cent smaller than the notch.

On the backbone of the iPhone 14 Pro model is a square camera stop, and the finish is more significant than last year’s to accommodate the new camera technology. There is a triple-lens camera setup, and each lens is also larger.

Sizes – iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max

The Apple 14 Pro is a 6.1-inch smartphone, while the Apple 14 Pro Max measures 6.7 inches. Along with the Apple 14 Plus, it is Apple’s largest iPhone. Compared to the Apple 13 Pro models, the Apple 14 Pro and Pro Max have slightly different sizes. The Apple 13 Pro is slightly slimmer, while the Apple 14 Pro Max is marginally taller. Both models are somewhat thicker and have a heavier touch.

Colores – iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max

Both come in silver, gold, space black and deep purple. Both space black and deep purple are new colours this year. Deep purple replaced the Sierra blue colour that was available with the iPhone 13 Pro models.


The bottom line is that iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max will be faster than Android phones running Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus. Especially for more intensive applications. As for RAM, it will be a problem only if you use a large number of applications and you have to switch between them.

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