Interview With Tom Dupuis

Interview With Tom Dupuis


In today’s interview with Tom Dupuis, you’ll find answers to all those queries. Tom Dupuis is the creator of Online Media Masters, where you can discover the speed of WordPress and SEO tutorials.

Always start a blog entry by creating a table of contents. It makes you more organized, and there are many benefits for your readers and SEO. You can create a table of contents in HTML/CSS or use the Lucky Table of Contents add-in.

Interview With Tom Dupuis from Operational Media Masters – Interview with Tom Dupuis

Interview With Tom Dupuis from Operational Media Masters

Hi Tom, welcome to BloggersPassion. Can you please present yourself to our audience?

Hi everyone, I’m Tom – the man behindhand

I ongoing my blog at the end of the university in 2011. I write about WordPress speed optimization and make money by mentioning people to speed-related services (hosting, CDNs, cache plugins, etc.).

My associate income is 6 figures, but it wasn’t continuously like that. I was poor for many years doing tedious web design and SEO work for clients. I had my break in 2016 when I started taking my blog seriously by creating deeper content.

Google finally decided that the content deserved to be ranked, and my SEO traffic tripled in about 1 week. I lived with my parents then, packed up my things, and moved to Denver, Colorado, the same week.

Since then, I have continued to increase traffic and monetize my blog. In July 2017, I was awarded the SiteGround Affiliate of the Month award (although I no longer promote them).

I have also held webinars with Cloudways and have remained mentioned by Neil Patel and other authority sites. Now I’m focusing on helping people with the vital points of the web.

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What Would You Do Otherwise If You Had to Start Blogging Again?

I wish I had shaped more YouTube videos. I see a lot of YouTube users who don’t give good information but probably make more money than I do. But I also feel it can be much easier to classify videos than blog posts.

I also wish I had started earlier than the end of college. If you’re rational about starting a blog, do it and get on it.

You can continuously change your domain, hosting, theme, and niche. But the key is to start learning and have some practical experience running as soon as possible.

Finally, I wish I hadn’t mistakenly hired a cheap link builder. But, in the short term, my ranking improved, and I got some business from her.

But finally, once Google (and I) got more brilliant, we realized that those links weren’t of high quality, and it was a shame to try to remove them. It was after my traffic dropped tremendously, which I think was due to poor-quality links.

What are Your Proposals to Optimize A WordPress Site for Core Web Vitals? Interview with Tom Dupuis

That’s what I write about on my blog – it better be good!

I have an extensive guide on the speed of WordPress, and I am also in the middle of creating one specifically for almost all recommendations in Lighthouse.

  • Optimize fonts: by hosting them locally, try preloading them, add font-display: swap, and remove unused fonts/weights. It can also improve your CLS score.
  • Optimize LCP element: This is usually an image or background. Make it smaller, consider a next-generation format (for example, WebP), and preload it.
  • Optimize CSS + JavaScript: Try optimizing and synchronizing JavaScript, especially if you have processing-blocking resources. Even if you already use a cache plugin to optimize CSS/JS, this can help.
  • Optimize third-party code: host/analysis/GTM sources locally. Prefetch third-party domains and delay non-critical JavaScript (i.e., comments) using WP Rocket or Flying Scripts. Do not add third-party code unless you need it.
  • Make your point-of-view items faster: don’t load heavy JavaScript over the fold (i.e., ads), exclude images over the fold from the lazy load, encode your menu and optimize your LCP image.
  • Take advantage of preloading, reconnecting, and prefetching: reconnecting third-party sources and CDN URLs, preloading images and LCP sources, and third-party prefetching domains.


Tom is consistent with his timing of blog posts. He often creates detailed and informative blog posts. That’s why it can generate revenue and traffic to your blog.

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