Degrees Needed for Entry-Level Marketing Jobs

Degrees Needed for Entry-Level Marketing Jobs


Entry-Level Marketing Jobs – Depending on the type of job you’re looking for, there may be some entry-level marketing jobs you can get without a degree. Many companies, however, often regard a bachelor’s degree as a minimum requirement for their younger positions, especially if they plan to become a marketing manager one day.

While maximum will ask for a degree in marketing, PR, communications, or something similar, don’t let this put you off! Especially if you’re observing to work in a more analytical or technical aspect of marketing, a bachelor’s degree in computer science, business, or even psychology can help you get an entry-level marketing job.

Marketing Experience – Entry-Level Marketing Jobs

Marketing Experience - Entry-Level Marketing Jobs

Whether or not you have additional education credentials, marketing expertise can help your resume stand out from the rest of the competition. Now, don’t panic. We know you’re still looking for an entry-level marketing job, so your experience doesn’t have to be comprehensive.

Internships and even marketing events for school extracurriculars are great ways to gain real-life marketing experience. For example, if you volunteer at an organization, see if you can help with your social media or website article or work with them on press releases for upcoming events. These are all ideal skill builders that will be useful to talk about in job interviews or write about in applications.

While it’s certainly possible to get inexperienced marketing jobs, having some experience in the kind of work you’d similar to do and the skills required by an entry-level job will always be helpful. Marketing is a competitive industry, especially if you’re applying for jobs in major cities. Anything you can do to help yourself look like the perfect candidate is always an advantage.

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Entry Level Marketing Jobs Salary

The salary you will receive in an entry-level marketing job will vary depending on your work and where you are. Nationwide, the average is about $45,000 per year.

Entry-Level Marketing Jobs

Marketing is a broad field, which means there are tons of different routes that could go. Here are 12 entry-level marketing roles to explore.


If you have a way of understanding words, finding work as a copywriter could be a great way to explore. You can work independently as a freelance or in-house writer for an agency or company. As a marketing writer, you will be responsible for developing a brand’s content for different platforms, such as your website and blog, or even printing brochures and ads. In addition, you’ll work closely with the SEO team to support their efforts, along with marketing experts, to track whether or not your words resonate with the target audience.

Marketing Assistant

As the name suggests, a marketing assistant is usually the lowest employee in the department hierarchy and will act as an intermediary for everyone. In this position, you’ll do a little bit of all. So it’s a great way to build your skill in the marketing industry and find out precisely what kind of work you enjoy the most.

Digital Marketing Assistant

A digital marketing assistant is an additional “multiple hats” role, focusing specifically on web-related tasks. For example, it could mean that one day you’re working on social media campaigns, and the next, helping gather emails for an upcoming release.

If you’re looking for an entry-level digital marketing job, this could be your ideal role. You’ll get plenty of experience in a wide range of digital skills. Which can help you decide where you want to focus when looking for future jobs or applying for promotions.

Media Assistant

The work of the media assistant has changed as technology has developed, but the role remains essential. You’ll be serving to plan and execute marketing campaigns across all types of platforms, from traditional media like billboards and television to digital media like social media, so expect to find work with many different people and teams.

Budgeting is often an essential part of the media assistant’s job, so having a head for the numbers can help you get ahead. In addition, you’ll be monitoring the media to ensure ads remain placed correctly and reporting on ad coverage and results. It’s a lot to keep the way of, but it’s a fun and varied entry-level position.


Entry-Level Marketing Jobs – Whatever creative interests you have, there’s a marketing role that catches your eye. Keep building your experience anytime, anywhere before applying for entry-level marketing jobs. And persevere with your job search until you find the right place for you.

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