Google Pixel Buds Pro review

Google Pixel Buds Pro review


Google Pixel Buds Pro is undoubtedly expensive and comes with a lot of promise. But what’s the best pair of TWS headphones you can buy? Could you read our review for more information?

In recent years, I have tested truly wireless plans of all shapes, sizes and sound shapes. So significantly, I can safely say that it will be challenging to make me listen to a device that is very different from the one that came before. But the original Google Pixel Bud Pro does just that, but without tricks.

The Google Pixel Buds Pro has a familiar-looking charging case. But once you take out the headphones, you realize they’re a very different shape. The shape is more typical for something that comes into your ears. They fit very well in your ears and even in the charging case, from where it’s a bit difficult to pry them out sometimes. But the faultless fit on the ears means they avoid much noise without activating noise cancellation. In the settings with the Google Pixel Buds app, you have the option to test if the location is good. In my case, the app said that changing the silicone tip could improve audio quality.

Google Pixel Buds Pro pricing and availability

Google Pixel Buds Pro pricing and availability

The Google Pixel Buds Pro is priced at ₹19,990 in India and comes in white. It is available for purchase from Flipkart.


  • Active noise cancellation
  • Bluetooth multipoint support
  • Three microphones per earbud for an enhanced audio experience
  • Excellent in-call audio quality and also
  • Wireless charging


  • Expensive
  • Slightly heavy

Google Pixel Buds Pro design and comfort

The Google Pixel Buds Pro looks familiar – from afar. Google has made some minor changes compared to the Pixel Buds A-Series.

The case is egg-shaped with a matte finish – the shape makes it very easy to slide it in and out of the pocket, and along with the matte finish, it feels good to hold as well.

Google Pixel Buds Pro review – the AirPods Pro of the Android world

Google Pixel Buds Pro Type-C portRounak Jain


It has a type C charging port at the bottom and an LED indicator below the lid.

Once you remove the headphones, the design changes are more apparent: the headphones are more prominent and slightly heavier than the A-Series. Google has also released the wing tips that were present in the A-Series. The wing tips helped the A-Series buds stay in place, but the Pro fit nicely into my experience, so I don’t mind taking the wing tips off.

As my nephews said, these look like chins in a different colour. It’s true, and I like it.

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Google Pixel Buds Pro audio and sound quality

One of the vending points of the new Pixel Buds Pro over its more affordable siblings is ANC. And it works well, and unlike other hearing aids with ANC, the Pixel Buds Pro solves the problem of a pressure channel that often occurs due to ANC.

One disadvantage is that the ANC may not feel as strong as other hearing aids, but it reduces discomfort with more extended use.

In general, however, the ANC was adequate to eliminate white noise – especially other people talking in the background, or the noise of the ceiling fan, for example.

Regarding audio quality, the Pixel Buds Pro delivers solid bass and bass performance, something the Buds A-Series was weak at. Bass and treble can drive even further with the ‘Volume EQ’ option in the Pixel Buds app.

I tried playing different music genres – from pop and folk rock to acoustics and a bit of funk – including OneRepublic’s Counting Stars and Passenger’s Let Her Go, with some Guns N’ Roses in the mix.

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