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Best Virus Software Removal Solution 2024


Best Virus Software – All computers are susceptible to viruses, many of which can have dire consequences.  Opportunely, there are ways to guard against these threats.  Our reviews help you choose the best virus removal solution for your system.  Since there is no shortage of security programs on the market, use our guide to find out which virus removal tool is best for your computer.

What is Anti-Virus Software?

What is Anti-Virus Software_

Anti-virus (AV) software detects, blocks, and removes mean software on a computer or network.  AV software is a desirable layer of any cybersecurity system, as it is often the first line of defence to protect the laptop before malicious software sinks too much.

It protects a computer or network and helps prevent viruses or other malicious code from spreading to other devices.

Do You Need Antivirus Software? Best Virus Software

Do You Need Antivirus Software_ Best Virus Software

Not only do hackers make money by selling your personal information, but they can also use that data to fraudulently buy things, compromise your credit score, drain your bank account, and generally wreak havoc on you and your company’s financial life.

Adding anti-virus software to computers is the least you can do to protect yourself.  The performance of anti-virus software can vary significantly with the program, operating system, and threat.  In some studies on Windows computers, up to 100% of the threats remain stopped by some anti-virus software.  However, others showed less consistent performance

How to Choose the Best Anti-Virus Software

Hundreds of anti-virus software solutions are available.  We investigated 20 popular solutions often considered the software of choice by cybersecurity experts.  Ease of use with all providers was vital, making it something every consumer could navigate and use.

Then we considered whether or not the vendor had offers beyond the anti-virus software.  It included malware, ransomware protection, and multi-device protections.  Preference remain given to those who had a free or trial version.  We placed particular emphasis on platforms that were easy to use and integrate.

Find the best anti-virus

We’ve spent hours researching the most reputable anti-virus testing labs, gathering all the virus and malware detection data we could find.  AV comparisons and AV tests have proven reliable sources, but our research did not stop there.

We have also studied countless white papers and articles published by groups and institutions such as The Anti-Malware Difficult Standard Organization, PcMag, Google’s Project Zero, and Ars Technica, to name but a few.  This approach allowed us to identify the critical technical components and requirements of anti-virus software and to attribute a detection score to each solution.

While the detection capability of a solution plays an important role, there is still much more to consider when selecting the best anti-virus solution.  Other essential factors to consider are the characteristics of the software,

What is the best anti-virus solution?

McAfee, the trusted anti-virus brand with more than 500 million users in more than 150 countries, is one of the world’s essential providers of consumer cybersecurity products and a pioneer in anti-virus protection.  This brand has won multiple anti-virus awards from leading online testing labs, including AV-Comparatives, AV-Test, PCMag, and the Anti-Malware Testing Standard organization.

Experience exceptional VPN for more secure banking information, a password manager to protect your accounts, trusted anti-virus, integrated secure web browsing and more to keep your online life safe.

Norton device security right only

PC or Mac:

  • Norton AntiVirus Plus covers a single PC or Mac.
  • Norton Device Security and Norton Secure VPN
  • PC, Mac or mobile device: PC, Mac, Android, iPads and iPhones
  • Norton AntiVirus Plus – 3 devices cover up to 3 PCs or Macs
  • Norton 360 Standard covers a single device
  • Norton 360 Deluxe covers up to 5 devices
  • Norton 360 Premium covers up to 10 devices

Total Kaspersky Security

All your security needs in one product.

Our premium protection suite has everything to keep you and your family safe online.

Enjoy a sense of security unmatched with award-winning protection against hackers, viruses and malware.  Plus, payment protection and privacy tools protect you from all angles.


It’s had the industry’s best detection rate in the last five years.

Hundreds of millions of schemes run Bitdefender security software worldwide.  Bitdefender uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence and other revolutionary technologies to instantly anticipate, detect and block even the latest threats before they can cause you problems.


Comprehensive device security, a VPN for your online privacy, a password manager, and more!

We rely so heavily on our anti-virus and anti-malware protection that if you are a current Norton subscriber and have an infection on your device that our experts cannot remove, you get a full refund.  That’s the security you can’t get from free software.

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