How to Remove IDP.Generic Malware on Windows

How to Remove IDP.Generic Malware on Windows


IDP.generic error – IDP. Generic or Identity Protection Generic is a threat name when your antivirus program detects a malware threat on your PC. These viruses remain designed to creep into your PC so that you won’t find any apparent symptoms on your PC, but in the background, malware is doing its job and stealing your information.

Although these viruses are stealthy and do not show any apparent symptoms, you will usually experience:

  • High resource utilization
  • Slow and slow PC performance
  • Random windows and programs that open without the user opening anything
  • Frequently BSoDS or blue screen of death
  • High network activity
  • Programs that crash unexpectedly for no reason
  • Opening and redirecting to suspicious websites and malware.

IDP.Generic Malware Behaviour

IDP.Generic malware behaviour

Malware behaviour such as IDP.Generic includes:

  • Download and install other malware
  • Beat Recording
  • Theft of information and sent to a remote server
  • Give your PC remote access to the hacker
  • Malicious ads and pop-ups remain injected into every website you visit
  • Random text on web pages becomes a hyperlink that leads to a website/malicious program
  • Fake browser pop-ups for fake updates and virus warnings

Remember one thing this can also be false positive detection. A false positive detection occurs when a fair game or software remains installed, and the antivirus program detects a legitimate and harmless file such as IDP. Generic malware and either quarantine it or delete it.

However, this is not always the case. All detections are not false positives. Sometimes a real threat is detected, and you are informed about a potentially malicious file on your PC.

IDP.Generic Infiltration on PC

One thing is for sure: malware like IDP. Generic or Win32:Malware-gen cannot infiltrate your PC without user involvement. The user is involved in injecting such malware in one way or another. Some standard methods by which this malware can infiltrate and enter your PC are:

  • Pirated/Cracked Software
  • Software Decryption Tools
  • Spam Campaigns
  • Spam
  • Spam Attachments
  • Installation of unknown and unreliable software
  • Open a malicious executable file

So, ultimately, the most common method by which malware like IDP. Generic can infiltrate your PC by installing a malicious program, downloading a malware file, or opening a malicious executable file.

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How to avoid Infiltration of the Generic IDP

Prevention is better than cure, so it is essential to avoid installing this type of malware, and you can do it by following tips:

  • Download software only from official websites.
  • Avoid downloading a pirated or cracked program, as such programs have been tampered with and can bring malware to your PC without you knowing.
  • Always keep Windows up to date with the latest version because the newest version has all available security patches.
  • Don’t open any e-mail from unknown senders, and even if you open one, don’t download the attachments because these attachments can be malicious.
  • Use reputable antivirus/antimalware software to provide real-time protection against viruses and malware.
  • Do not click any suspicious link or pop-up window.

How to remove IDP.Generic Malware on Windows?

If the detection is a false positive, then you should update your antivirus program because an obsolete antivirus program can also cause these detections. Update your antivirus program to the newest version, and then perform a scan to see if it still detects it or not.

If you are definite that the detection is not a false positive and the file/program is malicious, remove it immediately to avoid any damage or harm.

If your current antivirus program can detect this malicious, remove it immediately. However, suppose your antivirus program cannot do so. In that case, you necessity download and install a reputable antivirus/antimalware program, such as Malwarebytes, which can easily detect and remove such malware and viruses from your PC.

If you cannot remove the virus from your PC with an antivirus program, you should consider executing a system restore to a previous point or a complete system restore.

After doing so, your PC will now be free of IDP. Generic malware and must function correctly. Suppose you have an antivirus installed and still allow this file/malicious program on your PC. In that case, you may consider changing your antivirus program as it is not performing its function optimally and cannot detect this type of malware.

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