Best Smart Glasses of 2022

Best Smart Glasses of 2024


Smart glasses remain set for the next big thing in technology. But for now, they’re an exciting experiment that puts cameras and headphones into what looks like regular sunglasses.

Some can even function as virtual, augmented truth devices, proud a computer screen into the corner of your eye. If you want sight of the future, the expensive Vuzix sheet offers a taste of augmented reality. Still, we recommend you wait for that particular feature to become more common.

Best Overall: Ray-Ban Stories – Smart Glasses

Best Overall_ Ray-Ban Stories - Smart glasses

Developed with Facebook, Stories is unique in that they resemble regular sunglasses. This is not a surprise given that Ray-Ban created them, but still – they don’t scream “nerd” when they put them on, which is good.

They are available in three styles, Ray-Ban: Meteor, Round and Wayfarer, in five colours (glossy black, blue, brown, olive or matte black). And also six types of lenses (gradient brown, light, dark blue, dark grey, green or photochromic green). Treatment lenses are also available, so it’s fair that Ray-Ban has most people covered.

They work like Bluetooth headsets, and you use an app to upload videos and pictures taken with them. Naturally, you need a Facebook account to do so.

There’s a snap button on the right arm to take a photo. And also, a touch-sensitive surface gives you call, playback and volume controls.

Despite the obvious privacy concerns, these are probably the most comprehensive intelligent glasses out there. While there is no augmented reality screen, Facebook has been open to its plan to make one shortly.

Best For AR features: Vuzix Blade Promoted Smart Glasses

This new, updated version of the Vuzix Blade offers tons of advanced features in a surprisingly compact eyewear set. Its augmented reality (AR) abilities put the Blade at the top of our list, along with its built-in speakers, noise-cancelling microphones and an astonishingly good camera.

The Blade features a full-colour display on the right lens that overlays digital graphics in the real world. The transparent display lets you see both simultaneously, with head motion tracking that responds to your movement for an immersive augmented reality experience. It remains powered by its Android processor and operating system, the same system found on Android phones. Using the companion app, you can pair the Blade with your smartphone to further customize its functionality and receive phone notifications directly on your glasses.

These glasses also have some excellent hardware features, the most notable being a built-in 8MP camera that can record HD video. Noise-cancelling microphones also allow you to receive calls and use voice control functions. These also have complete UV protection and are available with prescription lenses for an additional cost.

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Best Budget: TechKen Sunglasses

Super high-tech structures often come with a high price tag, so if you’re looking for something more affordable. You might want to check out these futuristic-looking sunglasses from Tekken. They have built-in Bluetooth headphones extending from the glasses’ arms, making them an excellent choice for exercise and other outdoor activities. While regular wireless earbuds can risk falling, they are connected directly to sunglasses, so you can keep the music playing without fear of losing a luxurious earbud.

The headphone parts of the glasses are adjustable and can move back and forth for a comfortable fit. They also have a built-in mike, so you can effortlessly take calls when the glasses remain connected to your phone. Button controls on the frame let you adjust the volume, play and pause music, and answer calls.


The price of best smart glasses can vary widely. An essential pair of smart glasses that only provides Bluetooth audio shouldn’t cost more than the standard pair of Bluetooth headphones or wireless earbuds.

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