How to Make A Balloon Garland in Easy Steps

How to Make A Balloon Garland in Easy Steps


Balloon Garland – One of the easiest ways to impact your party (for not much money) is to add a balloon garland. In addition to great value, there are several ways to include them in your festivity to add color and interest.

You can place them at the entrance of your party, late the sweet bench, use them with your photo background, or even in the middle of your guest benches.

How Do You Kind Of Balloon Garland with Equipment?

How Do You Kind Of Balloon Garland with Equipment_

We’ve created step-by-step instructions with the Riles & Bash Deluxe Burgundy, Gold & Black balloon garland to display how relaxed it is to variety a balloon garland for your festivity. Plus, there are some valuable PRO tips to prevent you from getting the maximum out of your balloon garland.

Let’s Start Balloon Garland

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Balloons of various sizes **Order balloons in multiple sizes so you know how big it is to blow them up
  • Balloon pump (portable and electric)
  • Hand-tying tool (optional)
  • Balloon strip/ribbon
  • Glue stitches
  • 3M hooks (or similar) if hanging
  • Tape to hang the garland (optional)
  • A big sheet or boxes to place your balloons in/inside while you are exploiting them (optional)

Tips For Practitioners

Blowing up balloons and creating your garland usually takes between 1 and 2 hours, depending on how many people are serving (2 people is ideal), how several balloons you are blowing up, and whether you are using a hand or electric pump.

If you want an additional long or fuller garland, order 2 or more tools to get the look you want for your event.

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Air vs. Helium

If you’re with air for your balloon garland, you can spring yourself amity of mind on the day of the party, creating your balloon garland the day before. They will last between 3 and 7 days.

If you are via helium for your BG, you will want to create it on your holiday, as helium usually lasts 8-12 hours, while balloons look better.

Step 1. Blow Up The Balloons – Balloon Garland

Blow up the balloons and tie them up.

Riles & Bash Balloon Garland Kits contain a hand pump to make flying and tying many balloons easy.

  • If you are using a handy tie-down tool, here’s how to use it:
  • Put the tie-down device on your fingers.
  • Cape the end of the balloon around the tie-down tool (see photo).
  • Tie the balloon in the slot.
  • Pull the balloon knot out of the tie-down device.


Organize your inflated balloons, giving them to size and color, and room them on a fresh piece on the floor or in boxes to avoid static from collecting dust and dirt.

Blow up your balloons to approximately 85% of their total capacity. It will spring you a round balloon instead of a pear-shaped balloon for your garland.

To inflate your 18″ balloons, hold the balloon tip firmly around the corner of the pump. The openings in the 18″ balloons are much larger than an average 10″ or 12″ balloon, so you must hold it firmly so that no air leaks while you are blowing it up.

If you’re going to explode confetti balloons, sometimes they originate through a rubber band on the finish of the balloon to hold the confetti. So be sure to remove the rubber before blowing it up.


Balloon Garland Once the confetti balloons have exploded, rub the outdoors with a kitchen towel to make static so the confetti sticks to the outdoors of the balloon. You can also rub it on the rug or some fabric to create static.

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