18 divided by 5 _ Long division

18 divided by 5 | Long division


Here we will show you step by step with a detailed explanation of how to calculate 18 divided by 5 using long division. Before proceeding, note that in problem 18 divided by 5, the numbers are defined as follows:

What is 18 Divided By 5?

What is 18 Divided By 5_

Here are approximately other ways to display or communicate that 18 divided by 5 equals 3.6:

18 ÷ 5 = 3.6

18 over 5 = 3.6

18⁄5 = 3.6

The informal way we found to answer the question “what does eighteen divided by 5 means” is to answer the question with a question: How many times does five go into 1eighteen?

What is the Measure And Remainder of 18 Divided By 5?

Here we provide the result of the division with the rest, also known as the Euclidean division, including the terms in a nutshell:

The ratio and the remainder of 18 divided by 5 = 3 R 3

The ratio (whole division) of 18/5 is equal to 3; the remainder (“surplus”) is 3.

18 is the dividend, and 5 is the divisor.

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How to Calculate this on Your Own?

The division is one of the foundations of arithmetic. For a general introduction to the division, check out this article. Calculating the division yourself may also be worth looking at our long division section.

Learning to solve these problems by yourself will be helpful for you in school and life. We recommend practicing division problems by hand and checking the solution with a calculator.

There are a few ways to calculate splitting problems on your own. The first, which is the easiest, is to use a calculator. Another way, often taught in schools, is to use the long division. Long division is a technique for dividing two numbers. It’s easy to study and fun to practice! Check out our long division article to learn how to do it yourself.

Eighteen Divided By Five

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18 divided by 5 – Long splitting solution. The following explanation uses the “Long Splitting Method with Remains.” It’s one of two methods for making long divisions.

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