Best PC Cleaner Tools

Best PC Cleaner Tools


PC Cleaner is a request that will improve your system performance by optimizing it. Performs tasks such as clearing cache for multiple programs, deleting corrupted log files, and locating and deleting temporary files. In addition, you can limit the use of background RAM in processes.

Too many boot items or swollen caches will slow down the PC; therefore, PC Cleaner should run at regular intervals to identify areas of concern.

Best free PC Cleaner of 2022

Best free PC Cleaner of 2022

The best free PC cleaners make it humble and easy to keep your desktop or laptop optimized and running smoothly.

Plenty of free PC cleaners and optimizers claim to deliver noticeably faster performance, but not everyone is up to the hype. That’s why we’ve tried all the most popular options and summarized those that we think will give your PC a noticeable speed boost without hidden extras or intrusive ads.

With Windows 11 available to more users since its October release, it’s best to ensure your PC is ready for advancement as long as it meets the minor requirements.

The best free PC optimizer accessible today is Iolo System Mechanic. This feature-packed toolkit contains everything you need to purge unnecessary files, adjust your PC settings and protect your privacy simultaneously. However, if your wants are more straightforward, we’ve also put together four other great tools to give your PC a clean full spring without offering many options.

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Iolo System Mechanic PC cleaner

Price: Iolo offers several products. System Mechanic is available for $49.95. Your System Mechanic Pro is available for $69.95. Finally, system Mechanic Ultimate Defense is available for $79.95.

Iolo will improve internet speed and processing speed. It will increase the speed of the unit. It has features to recover deleted files. iolo System Mechanic optimizes the performance of the PC. In addition, system Mechanic Ultimate Defense can protect online privacy and manage passwords.

Your CPU speed will improve with iolo. It will improve the startup and download speed. You will also get improved graphics.


  • iolo has new optimization features for Windows 10 that provide privacy and reduce internet bandwidth demands.
  • With iolo, you will improve PC Boot Time performance, Internet download speed, CPU, RAM, GPU, and drives.
  • You can block or remove malware.
  • You can erase the entire unit.
  • Verdict: The performance of the four main PC components will improve after using the iolo system mechanic. It will also improve the responsiveness of the system.

Restore PC cleaner of 2022

Price: Restore PC cleaner offers a free trial version for Windows. It provides the solution with three pricing options: 1 license ($29.95 one-time repair), one 1-year unlimited usage and support ($29.95), and three 1-year unlimited permits ($39.95).

Restore PC cleaner is a complete system solution that uses powerful technology to secure and repair your PC. It can detect dangerous websites and remove malware threats. It will restore the maximum performance of your PC. In addition, you can replace damaged Windows files.


  • Restore PC cleaners can optimize the Windows registry.
  • It has functionality for restoring the operating system.
  • Performs PC scan and evaluation and hardware scan.
  • Download new and healthy files.

Verdict: Restore offers a PC repair plan providing the features like virus and spyware removal, virus damage repair, Windows stability issues repair, etc. It provides free support and free manual repair.

PC cleaner Professional CCleaner – Better Overall


  • Affordable
  • Robust Performance
  • Many tools


  • File Delete Medium Control
  • Not the best user interface

A stalwart of the cleaner PC world, Cleaner Professional remains the best choice for an SUV at a lower price than the other rivals here. Unfortunately, there is no option for ten machines, but Plus works on three, which may be enough for most people.

Despite this, it cleaned up total space from our test laptop more than any other, so the performance is top-notch. However, we’d like to have a little more control over what’s removed.

The interface is perhaps a little old-fashioned and can take time to learn, but it is valid, and there are plenty of tools available here to get various tasks done and automatic cleaning and programming.


Why do I need software for my PC cleaner? First, your PC needs cleaning software to reclaim space and increase performance. Although you can clean your computer manually (for example, by deleting temporary files), this will only free up a fraction of the disk space that a complete PC cleaning tool can provide.

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