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What Is SharePoint?

SharePoint stands as a dynamic internet-based collaborative platform that seamlessly integrates within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. First introduced in 2001, SharePoint primarily functions as a robust file management and storage system, yet its utility extends to facilitating information sharing through intranets, deploying internal applications, and streamlining business processes.

At its core, Windows SharePoint serves as an online hub for collaborative endeavors, empowering organizations to craft websites, efficiently manage and archive documents, as well as exchange crucial data. Its versatility, coupled with its scalability, security features, and user-friendly interface, renders it a highly favored solution for enterprises of varying sizes.

Key Points Of SharePoint

Developed by Microsoft, SharePoint represents a web-based solution tailored for document management and collaboration. It furnishes businesses with a centralized repository where files, documents, and various content forms can be stored, organized, shared, and worked upon collaboratively. The diverse array of tools and functionalities inherent in SharePoint significantly eases employee collaboration, content management, and information sharing across an organization.

Distinguishing itself from SharePoint Online, which operates as a cloud-based service, SharePoint Server emerges as a Microsoft product that grants enterprises greater autonomy and control over the customization and configuration of their SharePoint environment. Unlike the cloud-based variant, SharePoint Server is installed on a client’s IT infrastructure, allowing for heightened customization and management capabilities. Notably, SharePoint Server is available in two principal editions: Standard and Enterprise. The Standard edition caters to fundamental requirements encompassing file management, collaboration, and content oversight, while the Enterprise edition incorporates advanced features, encompassing business intelligence tools, enterprise content management functionalities, and robust search capabilities.

Furthermore, SharePoint Server can be provisioned either as a virtual/cloud server or as a hosted service. Opting for a hosted service model empowers businesses to leverage SharePoint Server’s capabilities without the burden of managing the underlying infrastructure, offering a streamlined and hassle-free approach to reaping the benefits of this powerful platform.

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Why Write for Web Tech – SharePoint Write For Us

Why Write for Web Tech – SharePoint Write For Us


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  • You can reach out to SharePoint enthusiasts.

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