Best Free Antivirus for Mac Software in 2022

Best Free Antivirus for Mac Software in 2024


Free antivirus for Mac can be difficult. Most treat macOS as memory, providing little protection beyond Apple’s built-in security. Some are effective but can significantly affect system performance. Others may collect your data and sell it to third parties, putting you at serious risk.

That’s why it’s essential to find a creation that has to remain extensively tested and is sure to offer at least a basic level of protection without flexible cybersecurity. I’ve researched and tried all major antivirus programs designed for Mac to find the best 100% free products available to help keep you protected.

Is it Worth having a Free Antivirus for Mac?

Is it Worth having a Free Antivirus for Mac_

But having a free antivirus on Mac is better than having none. Unfortunately, free antivirals give you essential protection only, which means you’re most likely not protected in real time. So all you will do is remove the malware on your system, but it will not stop the threats from entering your device.

In addition, paid antivirus software includes many more useful features, such as a VPN or password manager. It means that by paying, you can get a comprehensive cybersecurity package to protect yourself from all that digital evil.

Best free antivirus for Mac – our detailed list:

There are many free antivirus services, but a few are worth making a list of. Here are all the top contenders and their detailed descriptions that will help you choose the best free antivirus software for system for you:

Top 5 best free antivirus for Mac:

  • TotalAV – the best free antivirus for Mac computer in general
  • Norton – Antivirus for Mac for versatile protection
  • Bitdefender – free essential antivirus software

TotalAV – the best genuinely free antivirus for Mac overall

TotalAV – the best genuinely free antivirus for Mac overall

When you’re looking for free antivirus for Mac, TotalAV is the best way to go. It is because you get a free version that provides you with all the essentials.

Independent lab tests: Antivirus snatched the best results during independent lab tests, blocking 100% of threats. Plus, he found zero false positives, which is rare to see.

Internal testing: Even during our testing, the antivirus system and rapid scans blocked 10 out of 10 threats. And considering it was soft on the system’s resources, the results are phenomenal.

User interface: The TotalAV interface is excellent, easy to navigate, and understandable even for beginners. And the best part: you don’t constantly bother with upgrade suggestions.

Features: Although you don’t get real-time protection with the free version, you get a WebShield for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. It is a feature that searches for threats in real time, including blocking harmful links.

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Norton Antivirus – free Mac Antivirus for Essential Protection

Norton Antivirus doesn’t have a free plan, but it has a free trial version of the pro version and a 60-day money-back guarantee that you can use. It will allow you to protect your devices with the leading antivirus software on the market.

Independent lab testing: Considering Norton is a veteran of the antivirus market, it’s no surprise he managed to block 100% of threats during lab testing. As if that wasn’t enough, it also detected zero false positives.

Internal testing: Meanwhile, our internal testing showed different results. The quick scan found 0 out of 10 threats and took 8-9 seconds. However, the system scan found all the malicious files.

User interface: configuring Norton Antivirus takes a little time. You must sign in, install the app, restart the device, and sign in again. But, once you’re in, everything else is simple. The facilities are well organized and easy to find.

Bitdefender – basic and Completely free Antivirus Software for Mac

Bitdefender is another free antivirus for Mac that is robust for essential protection.

Independent lab tests: Blocking 100% of threats that remain released your way, Bitdefender is one of the leading antiviruses in independent lab test results. Not to mention he didn’t report false positives either.

Internal testing: The quick scan found all ten threats in 20 seconds in our testing. The system scan found nine malicious files, but at the same time, it took only a few seconds. The best part is that the antivirus is also smooth with system resources.

User interface: downloading and configuring the antivirus is a simple task, but if you want to start scanning, you will have to wait about 5 minutes. It is because the software takes time to download the virus database.


Free antivirus for Mac users thinks that their device is resistant to viruses. However, that’s not the case. Even if your Mac is less likely to contract a virus, especially if you download your Mac apps from safe websites and steer clear of lousy security choices, it’s still possible to pass malware to Windows and Android users.

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