Best Swimming Apps and Pool Fitness Trackers

Best Swimming Apps and Pool Fitness Trackers


Best Swimming Apps People have pools for many reasons. But almost everyone with a collection installed in their backyard expects to swim quite often.

Exercise in the water is a great way to get fit and keep fit without putting pressure on your joints (think of the repetitive tapping of your feet when you run) or restricting yourself to a position for a complete workout (think of stationary bikes like the Peloton). But if you’re new to fitness in the pool, you may not know how to improve your time in the water to blister more calories or track your workouts to set goals and understand your progress.

We wrote this article to help you, introducing you to some of our favorite swimming pool gymnastics and tracking apps. The variety and versatility of today’s fitness applications are genuinely mind-blowing. When we started installing pools nearly 20 years ago, you had to keep track of all in your head till you were dry enough to write your numbers on paper. Now, you can track all you do in real-time with the proper hardware.

Pool Fitness Apps (Tracking, Workouts, And More) – Best Swimming Apps

Pool Fitness Apps (Tracking, Workouts, And More) - Best Swimming Apps

Our research has discovered more high-quality wearables than world-class pool fitness applications. Of course, most fitness apps remain designed for exercise on dry land… but that doesn’t mean you’re lacking options! Check out the list to see some of the best pool gym apps. And please let us know about others in the remarks if you think we’ve overlooked any hidden gems.

Myswimpro – Best Swimming Apps

MySwimPro is an all-in-one swimming tracker and trainer. The app will offer customized programs based on your inputs and goals. You can track all through integrations with your handheld device or manually if you have a good memory and a waterproof smartphone. In addition, you can get ground-based workouts to build strength and endurance and even set up one-on-one calls with a real qualified swimming trainer.

MySwimPro also has a thriving community of swimmers you can join when you become a paid subscriber. Apple named MySwimPro Apple Watch of the Year in 2016, and MySwimPro hasn’t been complacent: they keep adding features and functionality. They are so popular that they are currently (at the time of writing) looking to fill four full-time salaried positions. MySwimPro has something to help you fit in your pool, no matter your water-related fitness goals.

MySwimPro is accessible on the App Store or the Google Play Store. Subscriptions start at $19.99 per month and reach $179.99 per year (billed annually) for a combination of swimming and training on dry land.

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Swim.Com – Best Swimming Apps

MySwimPro differentiates itself as an all-in-one support system for your swimming goals. But remain touted and portrayed as the most straightforward swimming app. Both offer workouts and built-in wearable tracking functionality. But prefers you to work with your trainer than connect to one on its stage, like MySwimPro.

The U.S. Masters Swimming database uses, and the app has over 1,000 workouts. is also able, but you’ll get less personal support on your pool training trip.

GoSwim – Best Swimming Apps

  • GoSwim is more of a director than a tracker or trainer.

This service is technically not an application or a tracker. Instead, it offers access to various video-focused courses and lessons you can watch to learn how to be a better swimmer. GoSwim training groups can also hold you accountable and encourage you to go back in the water and do some more laps. Swim coaches can also use GoSwim as a platform to engage their athletes and customers with personalized and personalized videos.


The best Swimming Apps you can find are above. An excellent indoor pool may not be cheap, but tracking and planning your pool gym has never been more accessible or affordable. So do you have a favorite portable swimming-proof fitness tracker and a favorite pool fitness app?

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