AZIO FOQO Wireless Keyboard With A Program Regulator Knob

AZIO FOQO Wireless Keyboard With A Program Regulator Knob


AZIO FOQO Wireless Keyboard – AZIO FOQO is designed for professionals and creatives. It is a beautiful keyboard that helps increase your productivity. FOQO comes from the word “focal” because the cameras inspired this keyboard design and their lenses. Hopefully, this keyboard enables you to focus your workflow in one place. It has a control button where you can program customizable shortcuts. It will undoubtedly revolutionize the way you work. There are three switch knob modes: multimedia, backlight, and macros. You can package your favorite shortcuts to any of those 5 buttons on the control knob.

Write confidently with the AZIO FOQO Wireless keyboard. It remains a rigid material that’s strong enough to handle any task you throw at it. Only with the robust design of the cameras, this keyboard remains crafted with dual aluminum plates and a leather textured body to provide remarkable durability while providing a sleek appearance. Although each keyboard comes with nine LED colors and four light modes, you can choose a total combination of 36 backlight options.

Azio Foqo Wireless Compact Keyboard is Now Available

Azio Foqo Wireless Compact Keyboard is Now Available

The AZIO FOQO wireless mechanical keyboard, inspired by the camera, is now available. Initially called the AZIO FOKAL keyboard, the AZIO FOKO was launched through an Indiegogo campaign and was exclusive to sponsors. Today, AZIO announces the convenience of the FOQO upright in the United States.

The AZIO FOQO wireless keyboard structures a compact keyless layout, which lacks the numerical pad on the right. A highlight is the customizable keyboard control button inspired by the buttons on older cameras. Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android devices. In addition, it can also connect via a wired USB-C connection with the included cable, which also charges the wireless new keyboard. The AZIO FOQO is available in Space Gray and Gold.

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AZIO FOQO Wireless Compact Keyboard FOQO Control Button

  • The FOQO keyboard control button has three modes: multimedia, lighting, and joystick. Switch modes by pressing the side button.
  • Multimedia mode: Rotate the top crown for the volume. Press down to mute. Move in four directions to play, pause, stop, previous, or next.
  • Lighting mode: Turn the top crown to increase/decrease brightness. Move up and down to change the backlight mode. Scroll left and right to select the backlight color. And also
  • Joystick Mode: Move in a 360 direction (it can act as a cursor) and press down to select.

Foqo Pro Wireless Hot-Swappable Keyboard

Revolutionize your work with customizable programming shortcuts, control media, and backlighting through the all-in-one control knob. In addition, the FOQO Pro is hot-swappable for complete customization of your writing experience, allowing you to swap switches with any MX switch. Finally, you remain designed to last and with ergonomic features to optimize the workflow of professionals and creatives.

  • Inspired by early-range tracking cameras, FOQO Pro streamlines your work through the lens-inspired control panel. And also
  • The FOQO Pro is compatible with any MX switches, so you have complete control over your typing experience. And also
  • Designed to fix your workflow, the Knob control allows you to focus your tasks in one place.

3 Control Node Modes: Multimedia, Backlight, and Macros. Program your preferred shortcuts to any of the five buttons in the control sphere and efficiently type any task you throw at it.

Like the robust camera design, dual aluminum plates and skin-textured body offer remarkable consistency as it reaches a poor view.


Just like the uncompromising design of the cameras, the dual aluminum plates and leather-textured body of the AZIO FOQO wireless keyboard provide remarkable robustness while achieving a sophisticated look. It comes with 9 LED colors and 4 light modes, giving users 36 backlight options for any mood and appearance.

Gateron Brown mechanical switches are soft and touch-friendly, offering positive haptic feedback with a lifetime of 50 million actuations and allowing you to connect up to three devices via Bluetooth simultaneously. When USB mode is selected, connect the included USB-C cable to your device and type.

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